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Thread Embroidery Machine

The thread embroidery machine is a great way to add a touch of elegance to your ecommerce store. With our 500m cumulant per set, you can create high-quality embroidery with ease. Because our machine is point-and-click to use, you can create any design you need in little time. Plus, our thread sets are good for 400m or more per design. So you can create a beautiful scarf, belt, or other shirt with our thread embroidery machine!

10 Yards of Thread Net Spool Saver for Sewing Embroidery Mac

Discount Thread Embroidery Machine Online

This is a 10 yard embroidery machine that can be used for quilting, 10 yards of thread, and sewn quilting thread. The machine also supports hose 10 yards long. It is perfect for support material or embroidery work.
the thread embroidery machine is a high-quality machine that offers a user with full-color embroidery capabilities. This machine is made with a 6-needle perforated needles system in the heart which provides hand-stitch and 1-needle perforated stitches; these needles are then fastened with a question mark clip. The adam's adage design team has managed to keep the design clean and clear. The pliability of the machine also means that users can work on multiple projects at the same time. A white finish is also provided for easy cleaning. The machine is available in size m and l. The machine is a spool cone 5000 y 40 machine that uses 1202.